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European legislation on hazardous substances, with REACH & CLP as a basis and the relationship to product specific legislation and Occupational Safety and Health and Environment legislation is complex and can have an impact on companies and industry sectors in many ways.

Support companies

Each company is unique in its organization, size, product portfolio, existing chemical management process and position in the supply chain. Moreover, each company has its own expertise and available resources to determine the most efficient REACH Compliance strategy and to deal with specific REACH Compliance issues. These can be internal issues or issues with external parties such as customers, suppliers, the industry sector, governments, or competent authorities.

Jongerius Consult can support you in addressing your REACH Compliance issues in relation to your specific business case and chemical management process. You know your business case and the existing issues best. We know REACH and have practical experience of the implementation within other companies (benchmark).

Support industry sectors

Industry sectors do their best to represent the interests of the companies in their sector. They may be looking for a sector-specific REACH Compliance strategy or for the best possible alignment with other relevant legislation. There may be a need for sector specific instructions, tools, or training for members.

Jongerius Consult is used to supporting industry sectors. Let us think along with you how REACH & CLP and related legislation can be processed efficiently and effectively in order to safely use chemical products in your sector.

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