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The REACH & CLP obligations have been operational since 2007 as the core of European chemicals legislation in the European Union. It is our vision that a good application of REACH & CLP by companies seriously contributes to the safe use of chemical products in the supply chain and on the work floor.

The number of practical, directly applicable REACH & CLP compliance solutions developed for the industry is increasing. More and more industry sectors and service providers offer practical guidelines and solutions. Not every small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) has the expertise and resources to determine how to effectively comply with REACH & CLP. At the same time, the number of companies, including SMEs, that are looking for practical solutions on how to organize their REACH & CLP compliance is also increasing.

Based on our mission to make REACH & CLP work for all (SME) companies, the REACH Support Network has been set up to bring supply and demand together. The REACH Support Network wants to give you as a (SME) company online access to ready-to-use and practical REACH & CLP solutions. Training courses, checklists, tools and services are offered that have previously been used effectively at other companies. The products are accompanied by clear instructions on how to use them and who owns the solution offered.

On the website of the REACH Support Network, the practical REACH & CLP solutions are made available online for fair and acceptable fixed prices.

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