Jongerius Consult is a small-scale consultancy firm with great expertise and experience in the field of European legislation on hazardous substances such as REACH and CLP.

At Jongerius Consult, we find it important to get to know you and your business case. Personal attention is therefore paramount. We are happy to discuss the REACH & CLP issue within your business case and think along about an appropriate solution. The focus is on the safe use of chemical products in the supply chain and on the work floor. In doing so, we look at the logical connection with obligations from the Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental legislation.

Thanks to years of experience, Jongerius Consult has specialised in consultancy and training. Both strategic and practical advice can be given specifically for your business case. With attention to your situation, we offer tailor-made in-company REACH & CLP Workshops for your company.