Impact on sectors´╗┐

The aim of sector organisations is to represent and support companies within the sector. Whether they are upstream sectors making products, more downstream sectors of companies blending and supplying mixtures or sectors of end users of products. In all cases there may be sector specific REACH & CLP questions or a need for sector specific support.

Questions that may arise for sectors are:

  • Thinking along with an efficient and effective approach to REACH & CLP in the sector.
  • Mediate between members towards practical REACH & CLP solutions.
  • Drafting sector-specific positions on specific sector issues.
  • Drafting a sector-specific REACH Guidance or sector-specific Chemical Management approach / tool.
  • Provide specific REACH & CLP training courses for members.
  • Support in contact with governments or competent authority
  • Supporting sector-specific working groups with REACH & CLP issues.

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