REACH Position Paper´╗┐

A REACH Position Paper is an internal document describing the impact of REACH & CLP on the company, the business case or part of the business case. This can be useful if the impact of REACH & CLP on a new product development or a specific business case is not entirely clear.

Another frequently used reason to have a REACH Position Paper drawn up is if you have a useful application for waste products. You then have to deal with both REACH and waste legislation, which makes it important to clearly incorporate the end-of-waste criteria in your business case. In this way you can make an efficient and responsible contribution to the circular economy.

With a REACH Position Paper you will have better insight into the product definitions and roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in your specific business case in accordance with REACH & CLP. On the basis of the paper you can decide how to proceed with your business case and provide information to the stakeholders involved.

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