If your REACH & CLP compliance strategy and obligations are clear, you may need practical support to actually implement these obligations within your company. Jongerius Consult has a lot of experience with this and, together with strategic partners, can ensure an efficient and effective implementation of the legal obligations within your company.

Jongerius Consult has been valued as a partner for companies and sectors dealing with REACH & CLP from the early beginning of the legislation. In collaboration with these companies, various innovative solutions have been devised for practical chemical management processes.

Jongerius Consult can think along with you about your chemical management approach. We can take care of the implementation and management of registrations. We can help you how to assess the supplier safety data sheets and to practically carry out and document REACH compliance checks and use compliance checks of exposure scenarios.

We can check your own product safety data sheets or help you create them easily. Let us also help you think about how to monitor substances of very high concern from REACH and how to comply with any authorisations or restrictions.

Industry sectors can also be supported both strategically and practically. Together we are working on defensible REACH & CLP strategies and practical solutions for the sector and affiliated companies.