Jongerius Consult is a valued sounding board for companies and industry sectors with strategic REACH & CLP questions in relation to their specific business case and position in the supply chain.

Jongerius Consult thinks along with the impact of REACH and how companies can implement the legal requirements efficiently in their Chemical Management approach. This can be done by means of an interactive, on-site REACH Workshop or by assessing the current Chemical Management approach via a REACH Compliance Review.

Jongerius Consult offers support when there is a problem, uncertainty, or dispute between companies or with competent authorities. Based on our extensive knowledge and expertise of REACH and our practical experience within the industry, practical solutions are prepared, or mediation is made between the parties involved.

Industry sectors can also be strategically and practically supported. In collaboration with sectors, Jongerius Consult is working on defensible REACH & CLP strategies and practical solutions for the sector and affiliated companies.