Development and implementation of REACH Registration & SIEF Management solution in ReachSuite within Kemira

The central REACH Implementation Team within Kemira has been responsible for a large number of registrations before the first registration deadline in 2010. Kemira was Lead Registrant for a range of substances supported by a range of REACH Consortia.

In 2009, Jongerius Consult provided a number of strategic interactive workshops for the Kemira REACH team to critically examine the possible optimalisation of the registration project management and the SIEF communication approach.

Early 2010, after discussing the options with the Kemira team, Jongerius Consult, supported by the software supplier Baytouch, developed a ready-to-use REACH Registration & SIEF Management solution in the commercial web tool REACHsuite and successfully implemented it within Kemira.

For the Kemira REACH team, the REACHsuite solution provided a concrete roadmap & tool as lead registrant of its substances:

1. Manage the Registration & SIEF management actions of the substances in a structured way to different contacts inside and outside Kemira;

2. Practical organisation of the SIEF communications for the substances via a directly usable SIEF Portal, supplemented with the substance specific information and targeted online SIEF communications from and to the database;

3. Monitoring the SIEF communications for the remaining substances, of which Kemira was not the lead registrant, in a structured way including the management of the relevant actions for successful registration.

The Kemira REACH team has received extensive support from the REACH suite registration management solution in meeting the 2010 registration deadlines and subsequent deadlines.

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