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If your REACH & CLP obligations are clear and your chemical management approach is in order, you may still receive questions from suppliers, customers or internally where you are not sure of the answer from REACH & CLP.

You can start looking for the answer yourself and try to find your way through the huge amount of information available from ECHA, authorities and industries. You can also use Jongerius Consult as your point of contact for your REACH & CLP questions. If you enter into an agreement with Jongerius Consult, you can forward the question to us. Based on our expertise and experience, we will gladly think along with you and help you to find the best possible answer or solution.

In a Chemical Management Framework Agreement, all practical working agreements are recorded once and unequivocally. After concluding the agreement, you can quickly and easily contact Jongerius Consult as your permanent point of contact with small REACH & CLP questions. If you have a question that will take up more time, a simple offer will be made via e-mail before the question is worked out in detail.

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