Jongerius Consult is a small-scale consultancy firm with great expertise and experience in the field of European legislation on hazardous substances such as REACH and CLP.

Strategic support
From the beginning, strategic support was provided, such as in reviewing the registration strategy for companies and setting up “Only Representative” services to enable production sites outside of Europe to market REACH registered substances in the EU. Jongerius Consult created registration dossiers for third parties and submitted them to ECHA in order to gain experience with IUCLID and REACH-IT.

Practical support
The core role of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) as a compliance document within REACH & CLP has been developed from the interaction with companies such as LyondellBasell, Eastman Chemical, DSM Resins and others into a ready-to-use “SDS Assessment Toolkit” that many companies still use today. The Toolkit offers the possibility to assess and document the REACH & CLP compliance status of the supplier VIB. This includes a practical assessment of exposure scenarios as a downstream user in accordance with REACH.

A REACH Compliance checklist was developed with experts from Shell, among others, to identify possible omissions and improvements in the current Chemical management approach of companies by means of an interactive REACH Compliance Review on site.

Training and workshops 
An important part of the activities of Jongerius Consult was providing the REACH Compliance Training. These were offered several times a year at the Jachtslot Mookerheide with partners such as Caesar Consult. Via the low-threshold REACH Bootcamp, companies learned to understand the impact of REACH on their specific business case in one day. Through interactive REACH Compliance workshops on location, many companies gained a better insight into the impact and practical implementation of REACH & CLP within their business.

New initiatives
In the early years, the focus was on supporting chemical companies in meeting the first REACH registration deadline in June 2010. Together with Baytouch the software tool REACHsuite Advantage was developed. This web-based tool supported companies in their role as lead registrant in the practical organisation of the REACH registration and SIEF management process. The tool was used by companies such as Kemira, IFF and Sachem.

From its mission to make REACH & CLP work for companies, the REACH Support Network has been developed to offer affordable and ready-to-use solutions for REACH & CLP to companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Driven by its mission, Jongerius Consult has from the beginning actively considered how practical and responsible safe use information can be incorporated into the mixture Safety Data Sheet in accordance with REACH & CLP. Initially together with IFRA (International Flavour and Fragrance Association) and later supported by DSM Resins and Resin Technical Platform (RTP), the generic SUMI method was developed in collaboration with Caesar Consult as a complete and automatable solution to “Safe Use Mixture Information (SUMI )” to generate safety data sheets with your mixture. This is has been placed in a spin-off company of Jongerius Consult and Caesar Consult called SUMI Solutions (www.sumisolutions.nl).

Sector support
Besides companies, Jongerius Consult also supports various industry sectors. For example, a REACH Guidance has been developed for VOTOB for the tank storage companies and REACH training courses have been provided for the members. NOGEPA is supported to tackle the REACH & CLP requirements for gas, gas condensate and crude oil in an unambiguous way. With NOGEPA, a Chemical Management Tool has been developed to support operators with their REACH Compliance check of the mining chemicals used. A similar Chemical Management Tool for the geothermal operators was developed for DAGO.

In the coming years, Jongerius Consult will continue its efforts to support companies and sectors to use their products safely in the supply chain and on the work floor through the efficient application of REACH and CLP in a logical connection with the Occupational Safety and Health and Environment legislation.

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