Safety data sheets

If you have any question about safety data sheets in accordance with REACH & CLP, Jongerius Consult can support you in many ways.

Creation and management of safety data sheets

Suppliers of substances or mixtures in Europe must prepare, manage and send a safety data sheet (SDS) in accordance with REACH Art 31 and REACH Annex II to their customers.

Jongerius Consult can assess the quality of your European product safety data sheets in accordance with the REACH & CLP obligations and think along with you about possible areas for improvement.

Jongerius Consult has knowledge and experience with software systems for creating and managing safety data sheets in all European languages and has affinity with the implementation of such systems within companies.

We have developed SDS templates in MS Word with the 16 headings and sub-headings of the REACH legislation in the official European languages. The SDS templates offer a quick solution if you need a language-specific Safety Data Sheet for a limited number of products. If you need a larger number of Safety Data Sheets, a sustainable solution can be provided through partners.

Review of safety data sheets

As a downstream user of (hazardous) substances and mixtures you will receive a safety data sheet (SDS) from the supplier which, in addition to safety instructions, also contains relevant REACH & CLP compliance data.

As a purchaser, you must assess whether the product complies with REACH and may be used for your application in Europe. Jongerius Consult has a lot of experience and expertise in setting up a REACH & CLP Compliance check with which a supplier safety data sheet can be assessed.

If you receive a comprehensive SDS with exposure scenarios, you must perform and document a use compliance check in the role of downstream user within 12 months. This check verifies that the application of the product is covered by an exposure scenario and that the activities are safe according to the relevant exposure scenario(s).

Jongerius Consult can check how you are currently performing the Use Compliance check, whether this is in line with the Occupational Safety and Health legislation and whether you are also efficiently complying with the REACH & CLP obligations. We have developed a SDS assessment toolkit as a ready-to-use solution that allows you to easily optimize your existing SDS assessment method for REACH.

Sector-specific assessment of safety data sheets

For sectors, sector-specific REACH Compliance checks can be developed, in which the assessment of the supplier of safety data sheets in connection with the sector-specific business case plays an important role.

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