Registration support

If you have a registration obligation under REACH, Jongerius Consult can support you in the following areas.

Determining the registration strategy and registration management approach

European companies with the role of manufacturer and / or importer of substances on their own or in mixtures must have a registration strategy for substances covered by the REACH legislation.

In addition, if you have companies outside Europe (non-EU company), REACH does not apply to those companies. Nevertheless, it is wise to consider a registration strategy for your non-EU companies as well. Will you use European sites as importer or will you appoint them as only representative to take care of the relevant registrations for the European customers of your Non-EU company?

Jongerius Consult can think along with you about your registration strategy and a concrete setup of the registration management approach, including a setup of only representative services if applicable. If it turns out that you need to register, we can think along with you and estimate the scope and costs of specific registration dossiers or the application of specific registration exemptions.

Creation, submission and management of registration dossiers

Jongerius Consult can offer support and strategically think along with you about the best way to process the registration dossiers for your specific business case. Once this strategy has been determined, the creation, submission and management of the registration dossier will be outsourced, in consultation, to a highly valued partner.

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