Do you, as a company or industry sector, have specific REACH & CLP questions? Are you wondering how to implement REACH & CLP within your specific business case or do you want to verify whether your current chemical management approach is complete and correct?

Let us think along with you in in a no-obligation orientation call or see what kind of strategic or practical support we can offer you.

Orientation call

You can always contact us to discuss your case in an orientation call without any obligation. The expertise of Jongerius Consult will be combined with your knowledge of your business case. Together we will find a suitable solution for your specific question. It is possible that your question will be fully answered during the orientation call. If this is not the case, we will discuss what strategic or practical support Jongerius Consult can offer to come to a solution.

Strategic support

Strategic support from Jongerius Consult can help you further to clarify your specific REACH & CLP obligations.
Is the impact of REACH & CLP on your specific business case not entirely clear or does it need to be further aligned between the different stakeholders in your company? Then an interactive REACH Compliance workshop on location is very effective. Do you want to be sure that your current chemical management approach is complete and correct? Then a REACH Compliance Review on location is more what you are looking for.
You may feel the need to further analyse and document the REACH impact on your specific business case in an internal REACH Position paper. In addition, we can help you finding ways to meet the obligations in your Chemical Management Approach.

Practical support

If you have a clear understanding of your REACH & CLP obligations, there may be a need for practical support. This can be support in registering substances under REACH, assessing supplier safety data sheets, monitoring the Substance of Very High Concern, preparing or checking safety data sheets of your own products or support with specific authorisations or restrictions. This help is provided by Jongerius Consult, whether or not supported by an expert partner.

Contact point REACH & CLP issues

When strategic or practical projects are completed, you may still receive questions about REACH & CLP obligations or your practical chemical management approach. In that case, Jongerius Consult can serve as a contact point for your REACH & CLP questions. This can easily be arranged by entering into a Chemical Management framework agreement in which all practical work agreements are recorded once and unequivocally.

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