Kersten Kunststofcoating BV

Kersten Kunststofcoating BV

Establishment of an SDS assessment approach and periodic support for on-site SDS assessments

Kersten Kunststofcoating is an SME plastic coating company specialising in the preservation and improvement of metal surfaces by applying high-quality coatings.

In 2012 Jongerius Consult helped to implement the VIB assessment toolkit within the company to assess and document the REACH Compliance checks of the applied coatings. Jongerius Consult helped with the concrete implementation of the SDS checks and the coordination with suppliers.

Since then Kersten Kunststofcoating collects new SDS and updates in a TO DO folder and Jongerius Consult periodically visits the TO DO folder for and with the customer to work out an adaptation of the SDS INDEX and to coordinate with the supplier (if there are questions about the SDS).

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