In-company REACH & CLP workshop´╗┐

You know your business case best and may have specific REACH & CLP questions or you would like to train your people internally to fine-tune the best REACH approach. Jongerius Consult has a thorough knowledge of REACH & CLP and a lot of experience in providing workshops for companies. In an interactive REACH workshop on location this knowledge comes together.

The in-company workshop focuses on getting acquainted with the REACH & CLP legislation. If there is already sufficient knowledge about the legislation, the workshop can focus more on specific parts, such as registration management, assessment of safety data sheets with internal REACH checks and associated communication with suppliers, monitoring of substances of very high concern and your own product safety information sheets and communication with customers.

The workshop answers questions and identifies and discusses possible points of attention and practical solutions. At the end of the workshop participants will be familiar with the REACH & CLP legislation and how to apply it within your specific business case. Depending on your needs, strategic or practical support can be offered for one or more subjects after this workshop.

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