LyondellBasell (LBI)

LyondellBasell (LBI)

Strategic & practical sounding board for the REACH team of LyondellBasell

LyondellBasell (LBI) is one of the largest polymer, chemical and refinery companies in the world.

In 2009 - 2010, LBI, like other major chemical companies, installed a central REACH Project Team which was responsible for all (pre-)registrations for the first REACH registration deadline of December 2010 on behalf of all LBI sites within and outside of Europe.

At the same time, the REACH management phase was prepared, where the maintenance and management of the Registration dossiers and embedding of REACH Compliance was organised throughout the organisation (including local production sites).

Jongerius Consult was asked as a strategic & practical REACH sounding board for both the REACH project and Management teams in 2009-2011 and has been involved in, among other things:

  • Development milestone planning for the registration of substances (as lead and co-registration).
  • Development of a practical cost-sharing balance sheet for several substances for which LBI was lead registrant in order to value the studies used and organise the cost-sharing between the members of the Consortium and the study owners.
  • Interim REACH Compliance Manager, added to the LBI REACH team for two days a week for six months. This included the coordination and support of a network of HSE focal points at the LBI production sites to prepare the sites for REACH Compliance & possible visit of REACH Inspections. From this role, the upgrade of the SDS supplier assessment process to meet the new REACH obligations as a downstream user was set up and introduced.
  • Support the CLP notification process.

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