Landport Batteries (NL)

Landport Batteries (NL)

Strategic & practical REACH / CLP support to an European trader specialised in batteries.

Landport Batteries, founded in 1993, is a trading company with more than a quarter of a century of expertise in the import and distribution of batteries. Landport sells 1,300,000 batteries annually.

Since 2013 Jongerius Consult offers strategic & practical REACH & CLP support to Landport batteries. It started by discussing how to address some of the findings of a REACH inspection by ILT. As a result, a practical chemical management process and tool have been developed to check the REACH compliance status of the (non) EU suppliers of batteries and to communicate the REACH position towards their own customers.

For the import of batteries with a separate acid package, all REACH & CLP obligations have been implemented. This included registration as an importer, the elaboration of the CLP classification and labelling as a CLP label booklet in all EU languages. In addition, the safe use instructions for the batteries were elaborated and the safety data sheets of the acid package were made available in all EU languages via a Partner.

Jongerius Consult is available for REACH & CLP questions via a chemical management framework agreement.

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